After more than 12 years of existence, the company Tendlight changes to the name of Tendlux, focusing on the activities of stretch ceilings and walls.

We decided to drop the branch of wholesaler in LED / LED lighting even if we have enjoyed the past few years by having, among other things, accomplished conversions of large international factories such as Imperial group, mechachrome, Wingate Hotel etc …

We are going to focus on hot and cold stretched products and we are proud to be the only ones in North America to master and offer both types as well as acoustic products, backlit prints and more to come!

Coming from Europe, the stretch ceilings offer a variety of colors and textures,  enhancing the decor of each room. About 20x lighter than conventional drywall, stretch ceilings are installed quickly and dust free. This material is moisture resistant and shows no visible aging. Our ceilings are all made in Quebec as are our fastening profiles and we offer a 15 years warranty. Thanks to local production in Quebec, unlike the majority of our competitors, and also to our unique fastening process, we can guarantee you the best price for a stretch ceiling.

But what is a stretch ceiling?

This is an ultra-resistant PVC canvas (hot stretch ceiling) or a polyester fabric canvas (cold stretch ceiling) that hangs on the walls or ceiling. Our process only allows you to lose 3-8 ”(1cm) in height and we are the only ones to offer this on the market!

Our fabrics are guaranteed without toxic product (Phthalates). Our stretch ceilings of over 20 years old look the same as day one. In addition, thanks to its unique process, the fabrics are extremely resistant (250 kg per cm2) and have shape memory.

For these reasons, our stretch ceiling acts as a shield against water damage. It forms a bubble that contains water, which protects your belongings, as well as your floors! Even insurance companies take into account stretch ceiling installations.

It is also the ideal material to cover your old stuco ceilings (popcorn ceilings) or the concrete ceilings often found in condos, and you will find a new room after only a few hours of installation.

Another advantage of installing stretch ceilings is, among other things, having the possibility of integrating a host of products such as lighting, optical fiber, speakers, sprinklers, etc.

So don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!