stretch ceiling

TENDLUX is manufactured near Montreal in Quebec, we use high quality European films, to offer the best quality to our customers. Our selection of the raw material is based on criteria of uniformity of appearance and colour. Our ceilings are guaranteed, free of Phthalate and other toxic products and are approved to the requirements of the Building Code (CAN-CULS-102). The TENDLUX is now available in almost all Canadian provinces and installed by our trained installers. We offer a 12 year warranty on fastening and welding systems but also we are the only ones offering widths up to 3.20m without welding. Being the manufacturer of the TENDLUX , we can offer you our products at unbeatable prices in North America.


stretch ceiling

Clean And Quick Installation

Can be installed in one day, without dust and debris, thus avoiding the inconveniences of usual ceiling renovations.

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Accoustic Properties

TENDAccoustic stretch ceilings and walls provide you with excellent acoustic properties for all types of spaces.

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Guaranteed Quality

TENDLUX and walls are guaranteed phthalate or heavy metals free and meet the requirements of Canadian building standards.

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We hope that the stretch ceiling is not or no longer considered as a luxury product but a building material as well, thanks to all the advantages that it brings. It is for this reason that we strive to make prices as accessible as possible. We deliver and install quickly (thanks to our network of installers) but mainly because we do not import the ceilings from Europe as the majority of our competitors. We manufacture them in Montreal close to our customers and our network of installers, we gain in transport and deadlines and if there was a problem it could be settled within 48 hours instead of several weeks. We offer a wide range of colours and finishes (matt, satin, lacquer, mirror, stucco, metallic, galaxy, textured, but also we extend our range with TENDPrint, TENDTex and more.) Our stretch ceiling have fewer welds than All others in North America! Our method allows us to use our materials both on ceilings and walls, allowing for different acoustic correction and designs. But our prices also make it possible to choose TENDLUX rather than finishes in gypsum.


Residential stretch ceiling

Offering a 12 year warranty, TENDLUX proposes unique and original ways to finish your ceilings at defying prices when compared with other stretch ceiling manufacturers in Canada.

Using a simplified hanging profile system (100% French manufactured), the TENDLUX premium quality canvases adapt to any support or shape and meet all building codes in Canada. Whether it’s for new buildings, renovations, interior decorating, or water damage restoration, our stretch ceilings are available in over 100 color combinations in matte, satin or gloss finishes. Stretch ceilings are also great for quick basement renovations and are an excellent alternative to suspended ceilings.

Commercial stretch ceiling

Creating a special ambiance in your business or office often means important investments. You can’t risk losing any clients because you have to close your doors for an extended period of time. With TENDLUX stretch walls and ceilings, you can renovate your professional space without interruption. Depending on the layout, our products can be installed in less than a day, so you can be back in business quickly and avoid all the inconveniences of a ceiling renovation (furniture moving, required time for paint to dry, odour, sanding and dust, etc.)

Our Stretch walls and ceilings will also help to reduce the echo in offices and boardrooms. With our TENDAcoustic buffer system, a combination of insulating felt and TENDTex canvas, the phonic comfort and acoustics qualities of your rooms can be greatly enhanced.


A recent trend in interior design is the concept of having a wall that has a different look from the rest of the room to create a focal point. Transforming a blank wall by adding a printed mural, whether it be a simple nature scene or an elaborate design, adds an artistic touch to any home or business environment.

Let your imagination run wild with infinite possibilities. We can use your own pictures, use a design from our collection or even design a custom image.

Installing murals in public spaces such as schools, hospitals, clinics or retirement homes can achieve a pleasing and welcoming atmosphere in these institutions.