Frequently Asked Questions
Why are TENDLUX stretch ceilings among the cheapest on the Quebec market?

There are three answers to explain that our rates are the best.

-The first reason is that we are manufacturers unlike the majority of our competitors in Quebec who are distributors of brands imported from Europe (Estonia – Bulgaria for example). As far as we are concerned, even our fastening profiles are made in Quebec and the ceilings are made in our factory in Saint Jérôme. We have recently been distributing our products in North America and even in Europe, and we install our products with our teams of installers throughout Quebec and we have independent installers in other provinces. 

-The second reason is that we have a different system from the competition, we have a clip-on stretch ceiling, not a harpooned one. This very innovative system allows significant savings in production. The measurement is faster and our installations are just as magnificent!

-The third reason does not necessarily please our competitors … but we have always wanted to make stretch ceilings a building material and not just a design material. We want people, for example, who no longer want their textured (popcorn) ceiling to be able to switch and enjoy the benefit of stretch ceilings without having to pay $ 15 per square foot for it. We would remind you that before TENDLight arrived in Canada in 2012 with this new process, the stretch ceiling was selling for between $ 12 and $ 18 per square foot. Thanks to us the stretch ceiling has come down to consistent prices and we are very proud of that.

So NO this is not a poor quality story….

What is the stretch ceiling?

It is an ultra strong PVC canvas that hangs on walls or ceilings. It’s a canvas stretched from wall to wall. Our process allows you to lose only 3-8 ”(1cm) in height. Our fabrics are guaranteed without toxic product (phthalates etc.). The finish is exceptional and for a long time. 20-year-old stretch ceilings look the same as day one.

What are the advantages?
  •  About 20x lighter than a conventional drywall ceiling
  • No visible aging
  • Quick and dust-free installation (within the day for most ceilings)
  • Moisture resistant, and anti-bacterial
  • No need to paint the ceiling
  • Possibility of integrating various additional products: Light fixture, sprinklers, optical fiber, speakers, etc.
What is a weld?

A weld is used to join lengths of PVC rolls to obtain the necessary width to cover an entire room. We are the only ones in North America to use 13 ′ rolls which only allows welding for parts up to 26 ′ wide. Our competitors use lengths of 6.8 ′ maximum. Our fabrics are A + certified and meet the highest standards.

Do we make the PVC film?

NO, the manufacture of PVC film is done by factories specialized in the field.

NO stretch ceiling brand, not even the oldest, manufactures its own canvases. There are 2 -3 good quality manufacturers in the world (Europe) of this raw material and ALL those who wish to sell stretch ceilings made with a quality raw material and meeting the strict standards in the field, do not have the choice of supplying to these specialized companies.

Which is the best system Clip on or Harpooned?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. We have nothing against the harpooned system which we also sell and install more rarely. It depends a lot on the project, the harpooned system is easier for uses like making 3D shapes for example and the clip on system makes it possible to offer the stretch ceiling at a better price.

What happens in the event of water damage or fire?

Thanks to its unique process, the PVC canvas is extremely resistant (250kg per cm2) and has shape memory. For these reasons, our stretch ceiling acts as a shield against water damage. A bubble forms that contains water, which protects your belongings, as well as your floors! Even insurance companies are starting to take into consideration stretch ceiling installations.

For fires, our fabrics meet the standards of the ULC-CAN S102 building code, which is not the case for everyone. Take the time to verify and request the certificate! It is important to have quality canvases at home.



Do we need to clean the TENDLight stretch ceiling?

No, it is not necessary to clean the stretched canvas. The product is antistatic treated which protects it from dust. If it is really necessary to clean it, you can clean it with a soft cloth (micro-fiber type) or call on our services.

What is the lifetime and the warranty?

Thanks to its premium design, our stretch ceiling has an average lifespan of 25 years, and can last much longer under the right conditions.

This is why we proudly offer the best warranty in the industry: 15 years on welds and fasteners.

Quel est l'espace en hauteur nécessaire à l'installation ?

Nous sommes les seuls sur le marché à n’avoir besoin que de 3-8” ( 1cm) pour l’installation de plafond tendu. Un gros avantage suivant les situations.
Suivant le profilé utilisé ( fixation au mur ou au plafond) dépendamment des cas et des possibilités, l’espace nécessaire est de 3-8 ( 1cm) ou 1” ( 3cm). C’est beaucoup moins que le plafond suspendu par exemple. Cela fait du plafond tendu un produit parfait pour les sous sols.


Is it possible to carry out work behind the canvas once installed?

Yes, it is possible for us to unhook part of the canvas and re-install it afterwards, once the intervention has been done. This process must be done by an experienced installer otherwise it could result in total loss of warranty.

Is it possible that my stretch ceiling is falling off?

No, the stretch ceiling is clipped into self-locking jaws which prevents the canvas from coming out. If ever a defect occurs, it will be covered by the 15-year warranty. It is also one of the advantages of the clip on system to be able to rework our canvas even after 15 years if holes have been made near the fastening profiles. We regularly see 10-15 year old harpooned ceilings with holes before the harpoon. These ceilings cannot be retrofitted and must be completely changed, which is not the case with TENDLUX stretch ceilings.

Is it possible to install a stretch ceiling in an irregular room?

Absolutely! We can make curves, angles, shapes etc… the possibilities are almost endless. And thanks to our innovative system, we say “tailor-made on site”, we have the possibility of making the perfect finish and following the irregularities or shapes of a part.


The harpooned system, on the other hand, requires precise measurements to the millimeter without the slightest possible error. Also we don’t charge more for curves, number of angles etc.

Do I need to empty the room for installation?

No, the installation is dust free, the furniture can be grouped together in the center of the room and the installation can be done without problems. We are only asking to remove fragile items.

What maximum surface can I have installed?

Since we are the manufacturer of our product, we weld our canvases to reach very large dimensions. The limit depends on several conditions. The higher the ceiling, the more an arrow will be on the ceiling. We calculate and limit the installation to one canvas based on this. For large areas, we divide the ceiling into several sections.