Manufacturer and distributor of stretch ceilings
and Canadian distribution of LED lighting

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TENDLUX installed for several years in Canada is increasingly present on the entire territory. TENDLUX are very appreciated by our customers for several reasons:

  • We strive to make the most accessible prices possible.
  • We offer guaranteed quality canvases. (CUL CAN S102)
  • Canvas from Europe
  • We deliver and install quickly (through our network of installers, building professionals and trained in the installation of stretch ceilings and walls)
  • We offer a wide range of colors and finishes (Matte, Satin, lacquered, mirror, stucco, Metallic, Galaxy, TENDprint, TENDTex etc.)
  • Our stretch ceilings has less welds than any others in North America!
  • We offer a 12 year warranty
  • We are always looking to push the boundaries, by offering new products, new solutions and new effects …
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plafonds tendus



We’ve always been interested in LED technology. We started by offering LED spot lights, LED ribbons etc .. What we integrate in our stretch ceiling projects. We experienced the beginning of LED, we followed the developments in the field and eventually create an LED section in our society. And a second branch that is born! We have created a range of LED Technology lights that includes all kinds of lighting solutions from residential (the small MR16 bulbs or Gu10) to large industrial lighting. (The LED high bay, LED tubes).

Lighting is essential in all environments. Whether to bring out a beautiful setting, or the comfort of a professional activity but especially today with the LED we can make enormous savings on the electricity bill. It is not uncommon to get a ROI (Return on Investment) of less than a year and a half. What is exceptional and to be considered!

Our knowledge in the field allows us to offer quality products, large companies, cities and organizations have trusted us and are fully satisfied with our lights. It is a complex field that is evolving quickly and unfortunately we still see very poor quality production the market! that ruins the reputation of the LED technology.

Our mission again is to make known this technology, make disappear the misconceptions that the LED does not light or does not last, but for that you need to be equipped with quality products that are not found in supermarkets. It is by the “force of events” that we have become specialists in LED and we offer our products for sale and distribution. We already have several points of sale and we have created amazing projects with our products.

Again it is a growing business with more and more new customers in addition to our loyal ones.

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